Panel Filter (Synthetic Fiber)


Z-50 and Z-100 are design to meet the needs of ACs and ventilation systems. They contain corrugated fleece. Due to this shape as well as the use of modern media these cells don’t need any supporting screens, and are because of their lack of any metal completely incinerable. A robust cardboard holds the media.
Optional Z-Filters can be assembled with plastic frame. The filters are available in standard and individual sizes. Because of the cells stability, the length of one side should not exceed 610 millimeters.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Class acc. to EN 779 G4, M5 oder F7
  • Nominal airflow Z-50 9500 m³/h*m²
  • Nominal airflow Z-100 15500 m³/h*m²
  • Temperature-resistance up to 70°C
  • Z-50 depth 48 mm, Z-100 depth 96 mm