Motorcompressors AM-series


The BOCK AM refrigerating compressors are compressors with a flange-mounted eletric drive motor located outside the refrigerant circuit.

The compressor section and drive motor are hermetically separated from each other by means of the BOCK shaft seal. In his way, the AM is an ideal combination of the advantages of hermetic compressors as well as open type compressors.

The advantages of the AM principle is that the compressor has an extremely compact design. The freely accessible, air-cooled drive motor located outside the refrigerating circuit allows conceivably simple and sure application of the AM compressors in nearly all ranges of refrigerating and air-conditioning engineering.

AM compressors can operated with all normal refrigerants. Thus an AM compressors with R22 can operate over its entire operating range, in a single stage and without any form of expensive additional cooling with high power consumption rates.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Compact
  • Simple installation
  • Freely accessible and air-cooled drive motor
  • Extra external cooling units are not necessary
  • The AM principle excludes any risk of plant systems being acidified by motor failure