Bock compressors F(X)76/1570 to F(X)76/2425


The F model series offers modern open compressors for external drive (via V-belt or clutch). Force transmission is by a form-fitting shaft connection. Nearly all drive-related requirements are possible. The compressor design is very compact, robust and easy to handle, naturally with oil pump lubrication.

F76/1570 as replacement for  F14/1166 & F14/1366

F76 /1800 as replacement for F16/1751

F76/2050 as replacement for F16/2051

The most important facts in comparison between F14 compressor range and successor F76:

  • Six vs. four-cylinder design
  • same footprint
  • 19mm crankshaft height difference (F14 elevated base plate)
  • Different position shut off valves
  • Different shaft end design

All F14 parts, except housing, remain unlimited available for future spare parts demand.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Driven via V-belt or direct clutch
  • Suitable for conventional or chlorine-free HFC refrigerants
  • On request available for R717


Spare part lists:

Explosion view: