Semi-hermetic screw compressors


The semi-hermetic screw compressors of the HS-Series are designed for universal use in large commercial or industrial applications.

BITZER screw compressors excel through numerous benefits:

  • high cooling capacity and performance coefficient with and without economiser operation
  • integrated, efficient capacity control: 100 % – 75 % (nominal part load) – 50 % (nominal part load)
  • from model HSK85 stepwise or infinite slider control: 100 % – 25 % (nominal part load)
  • from model HSN85 stepwise or infinite slider control: 100 % – 50 % (nominal part load)
  • patented lubrication system and generously sized bearings offer reliable continuous operation
  • suitable for all current refrigerants
  • parallel operation with up to six compressors possible.

The capacity range of the individual compressors covers up to eleven displacement stages. Using parallel circuits you can benefit from further system advantages:

  • high system reliability and redundancy without over-dimensioning
  • virtually infinite capacity control
  • high part load efficiencies by powering compressors up and down
  • compact compressor system with simple maintenance and service.

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Additional Information

Technical details

  • Energy efficient
  • Universal
  • Robust design
  • Quiet and low vibration
  • Multifunctional through parallel compunding
  • Approved, long-life bearings with pressure unloading
  • Multi-stage capacity control
  • Automatic start unloading