Ultrapac Smart


The Ultrapac™ Smart is a compressed air treatment system that combines many process steps to achieve pure compressed air - from pre-filtration and heatless regenerated adsorption drying to fine filtration and condensate removal. The compact stand-alone version can be used directly as a plug & play solution. Installation and maintenance costs can be significantly reduced by using this compact treatment unit to generate clean, compressed air.

Compressed air purification in three stages

  1. The integrated pre-filter retains solid particles and liquid aerosols (oil/water).
  2. The adsorption dryer adsorbs the moisture in the compressed air up to a pressure dew point of -70 °C/-94 °F, at 70 % nominal load (standard -40 °C/-40 °F).
  3. In the last step, remaining solid particles up to 0.01 μm are retained in the integrated after-filter.

Thanks to the three-stage treatment system, a compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1:2010 is reliably achieved, which corresponds to quality classes 1-2:1-2 as well as 0, specified according to the application and better than class 1.

Modular Design

The Ultrapac™ Smart impresses through its variably arranged modules and flexible installation variants. Whether standing, vertical, horizontal or attached to the wall: The Ultrapac Smart can be customized to fit most spatial conditions.

Additionally, the inlet and outlet compressed air connections can be aligned in different directions and the prefilter and afterfilter are integrated into the dryer to provide maximum flexibility during installation.


  • Validated, reliable performance in producing ISO 8573-1:2010 quality compressed air
  • Modular design for flexible orientations
  • Smart communication: Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0 ready
  • UltraSilencer reduces noise pollution and helps provide safe working conditions
  • Easy handling of maintenance and service


Source: Donaldson website

Additional Information

Technical details

Available as:

  • Touch-Display
  • LED-Display
  • LED-Signal



Areas of application:

  • Food processing
  • Beverage production
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical
  • Industrial machinery
  • Energy
  • Plastic industry
  • Automotive and a lot of more...