Ultramat® UFM-D 30-130


The UFM-D’s are compressed air zeroloss, electronically controlled condensate drains. The large internal cross-sections for draining ensure reliable operation even when dealing with dirty, particle polluted condensate: Less downtime, less trouble and more safety for the application - especially in direct comparison with time- or float controlled drains.

Additionally the condensate becomes less emulsified – when compared with time controlled solenoid valves. Less emulsification and better function of oil/ water separators: longer compliance with legal discharge limits, less running costs!

As there is no air-loss whilst purging these drains work silent – a very important feature when this drain is installed within a working area! The electronic control of the drain monitors the proper operation continuously. Automatic malfunction routines and a potential free contact for remote control ensures safe operation at all times. You can react to malfunctions before they are obvious by condensate water in the compressed air line at the point of use!

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Electronically level-controlled
  • Electronic conrol
  • Generously dimensioned cross sections
  • Materials corrosion resistant
  • Condensate inlet vertically or horizontal