Ultra-Filter DF0035 - DF1100


The filters Ultra-Filter DF are intended for the processing of compressed air or other gases in different areas of applications. The intelligent overall concept of the filter unites the following characteristics:

  • high performance
  • effiency
  • compactness
  • easy to use
  • flexibility
  • safety

Three versions are available:

  1. Standard (Float condensate drain and Econometer/ with element A with plug, without Econometer)
  2. Plus (Float condensate drain and Economizer/ with element A with plug, without Economizer)
  3. Superplus (Level-controlled condensate drain UFM-D and Economizer).

A selection of appropriate filter grades by filter element types S, M, V, B, A ensure that the right product for the filtration task is always available to the user. The filter housing design allows an easy replacement of the filter element. The filter bowl is rotated slightly via a bayonet lock and can be removed together with the filter element. For this a installation height of only a few centimetres of ground clearence is neccessary.

More infos are available in datasheet.

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