High Pressure Dryer


Compressed air is lead through the inlet of the dryer and across the prefilter. At
this stage, the air is cleaned from particles and condensate. The condensate is removed via a manually operated drain or optional via a automatic
condensate drain.

Via a 4/2-way ball valve , the air is lead into the adsorption vessel, in which the air is dried down to the required pressure dewpoint. Via a non-return valve, the air is let into an afterfilter, in which possibly released particles from the desiccant are retained. Via the outlet, the clean and dry air is lead into the compressed air network and to the point of use. While one vessel is in the drying phase (adsorption), the other vessel is being dried again (regeneration). Regeneration of the moisture-laden desiccant is achieved with a partial flow of the dried medium.

At the start of regeneration, the 4-way ball valve is switched to the position
“depressurizing”. In this way the adsorber is brought down to atmospheric pressure. The compressed air passes out of the system through the silencer. In the 2nd step the 2-way ball valve is opened. A partial flow of the dried medium flows through a bypass in the upper piping and through the regenerating adsorber out to the atmosphere across a silencer.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Turnkey System
  • Safe separation of particles and aerosols
  • High operational safety
  • Flexible applications