High Pressure Adsorption Dryer


Compressed air is lead through the inlet of the dryer into the prefilter. At this stage, the air is cleaned from particles and condensate. The condensate is removed via a hand operated condensate drain or optional via an electronic condensate drain.

Via the shuttle valve the air is lead into the absorber vessel, in which the air is dried to the required dryness level (pressure dewpoint). Thereafter the air flows through the upper non-return valve and an afterfilter which retains eventually accruing abrasion of desiccant. Via the systems outlet the clean and dry air reaches the user's air net. During one vessel is in operation, the water previously accumulated in the other adsorber is removed (regeneration

For this process a partial stream of already dried air is lead through a nozzle and brought down to atmospheric pressure. For regeneration, purge air is lead over the desiccant bed and then released into the atmosphere via a pneumatically operated valve and a silencer.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Turnkey System
  • Safe separation of particles and aerosols
  • High operational safety
  • Flexible applications