Cyclone separator DF-C


The cyclone separators DF-C are designed for the processing of compressed air or other gases in industrial applications. The units offer a high degree of separation over a large flow range with small pressure losses. This is ensured by an innovative spin insert and a flow-optimised design of the housing.

This product series DF-C offers 7 different housings with a flow range between 50 and 1100 m3/h (related to 7 bar (g)). The cyclone separator is conform to the requirements of the European directive 97/23/EG for pressure vessels.

Two versions are available:

  • Standard
    Type with time controlled condensate drain UFZ
  • Superplus
    Type with level-controlled condensate drain UFM-D

Additional Information

Technical details

Special features Cyclone separator DF-C

  • Flow-optimised design of the housing
  • Innovative spin insert
  • Intelligent overall concept
  • Housings immersion-laquererd on the inside
    and outside surface