Compressed Air Filter Ultra-Filter


The Ultra-Filter was developed on the basis of world-wide experiences and innovative designs for highly efficient and economic filtration technology.

  • A flow-optimised filter design guarantees minimum
    pressure loss
  • The innovative filtration technology ensures high
    separation efficiency
  • An intelligent overall concept for unrivalled

Computer-aided simulation was the basis for the turbulence-free design with optimised air flow through the filter housing and into the element. This ensures low pressure losses.

The core of each filtration system is the filter element. The new filter medium, advanced production technology and optimised pleating resulted in a reduction of pressure loss by 50 % with increased separation efficiency at the same time. The filter surface area was enlarged by a multiple, ensuring a higher dirt retention capacity.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • High Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Compact
  • Unrivalled ease of Use
  • Flexible
  • Space-saving