Breathing Air Units ALG 80 S- 375 S


At the inlet compressed air reaches a two stage filter combination. In this stage the air is separated from particles and condensate. The condensate is drained off the system via the electronic condensate drain. The following desiccant dryer reduces water vapour content of the compressed air down to a pressure dew point of -40°C (equivalent to a remaining water content of 0,11 g/m³). Further the CO² content is reduced below 500 ppm and the content of SO ² is reduced to a level below 1 ppm and NOx below 2 ppm.

Oil vapour, hydrocarbon, tastes and odours are held back in the AK-Stage up to a residual content below 0,003 mg/m³. In the OX-stage the existing CO is transformed into CO² through a catalytic reaction. In this way the CO content is reduced < 5 ppm. In the after filter (dust filter) possible abrasion of the absorber is removed.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Two pre filters incl. UltraPleat M & S and UltraPlea S as after filter
  • All pre filters with electronic level-controlled condensate drain incl. function control and alarm message
  • Guaranteed and validated separation efficiency
  • Optimal adaption and generous dimensioning of the components, long life-times of the processing stages, low differential pressure of the unit, result: low operation costs
  • All units in cabinet construction
  • 6 sizes available, matched to the compressor flows
  • Robust design with welded steel vessels and galvanized pipelines and press fittings with aerodynamic and leakage-proof design
  • Service-friendly design of shuttle valves and solenoid valves for fast replacement of wear parts.