WVFX, WVS cooling water valve


Pressure controlled water valves types WVFX and WVS are used for regulating the flow of water in refrigeration plant with water-cooled condensers. The water valves give modulating regulation of the condensing pressure and so maintain it constant (practically speaking) during operation. When the refrigeration plant is stopped, the cooling water flow is shut off automatically.

WVFX 15, 20 and 25 can be supplied in stainless steel housing which can be used
in connection with sea water cooling of condensers and compressors.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • ƒƒFor water and neutral brine
  • ƒƒFor HCFC and HFC refrigerants
  • ƒƒNeeds no power supply - self acting
  • Opens on rising condensing pressure
  • Complete flow range from 1,4 to 300 m3/h
  • Low flow version of WVFX – 0,63 m3/h (available on request)
  • Insensitive to dirt
  • Capillary tube available as option
  • WVFX 10-40 direct operated water valve
  • WVS 32-100 forced servo operated water valve