GBC ball valves


Danfoss ball valves, type GBC, are manually operated shut-off valves suitable for bi-directional flow.
GBC valves are used in liquid, suction and hotgas lines in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems.
GBC valves offer maximum tightness across the seat/seal.
The ball valves give maximum flow in the fully open position. They are designed for operation within a broad temperature range.
GBC valves are equipped with a one-piece seal cap and can be wire sealed to prevent unintentional cap removal or tampering in-between services.

Additional Information

Technical details

  • Refrigerants CFC, HCFC, HFC
  • Temperature range –40 to +150°C (–40 to +300°F)
  • Max. working pressure (PS/MWP) 45 bar (653 psig)
  • Max. test pressure 65 bar (943 psig)